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The 5-Minute Fundraising Ask – Kel Haney Consulting

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Is your organization at a loss for how to connect with mid-level donors? They need more engagement than an email newsletter, but it’s not possible to take them out to lunch. It's time to "pick up the phone" and give these community members a call!

Kel Haney's 5-Minute Fundraising Ask training, coaching & consulting empowers nonprofits to build (& maintain!) mid-level donor relationships through quick, authentic, and successful phone conversations.

Secure Mid-Level Donations through Authentic Fundraising Conversations You Can Feel Good About:

• Surpass your (loftiest) fundraising goals: Confidently make “shoot for the moon” fundraising Asks that are alignment with your org's values (along with your own!).

• Right-size the time you spend fundraising: Quickly learn valuable new information about your donor base, while raising money with less effort.

• Build a culture of relationship-driven philanthropy: Actively listen to your potential donors and cultivate authentic, curious, and confident fundraising.

There are two ways to work with Kel:

• 5-Minute Fundraising Ask Training: for non-profits who want to work guide their entire fundraising team (and/or entire staff/board) on how to “pick up the phone” and engage in their own 5-Minute Fundraising Asks with Mid-Level donors.

• Retainer-based Training/Consulting/Coaching: for nonprofits who want to build a longer term, deeper, more strategic plan for building/maintaining Mid-Level donors.

A little more about Kel: Her work boils down to “taking the Ick out of the Ask” - turning fundraising conversations into relationship-building opportunities. Since Kel started her career as a theater director, her fundraising methodology is based on how she led a rehearsal room: focusing on what makes each of us uniquely engaging. In the past two decades, she’s personally made over 20,000 fundraising Asks and trained hundreds of fundraisers at over 50 non-profit organizations to raise over $18M (almost exclusively in donations under $10K).

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