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Process Fusion – Digital Transformation Experts

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Dedicated focus on empowering nonprofit and social enterprise organizations through innovative digital transformation solutions. We are an award-winning provider of open source and cloud technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for client engagement and

administration management.

Our in depth knowledge of the nonprofit sector, combined with our advanced technology solution, enables us to create and deliver impactful strategies aligned to strategic plans that improve processes, increase capacity and build stainable operations through technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to support complex projects while remaining nimble and responsive to client needs.

Our Services for Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Business Transformation Assessment: Optimizing processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness. – GRANT AVIALABLE – TECH FOR CHANGE
  • People-Centric Management: Automating repetitive tasks to lighten staff workload and improve focus on client facing activities.
  • Automation Tools and Services: Enhancing client and donor management with cutting-edge CRM, document and forms processing systems.
  • AI/ML Data-Centric Decision Support: Utilizing data analytics for better evidence based outcomes and improving operational decision making

Process Fusion brings together technology, processes, and people to create significant community impact.

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