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Charity Shift

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Charity Shift offers customized, easy to implement fundraising plans to get your organization raising even more money this year! 

With a customized fundraising plan, you and your team will be more focused, feel confident, (and maybe even a little bit excited!) about raising more for the cause you believe in. 

This includes:

In depth research and discovery to uncover your organization’s greatest strengths and areas of opportunity.

Customized fundraising plan development in consultation with the Executive Director, Board, staff and other key members of the organization to get ready for the launch of your fundraising plan.

Training sessions for Board and/or staff if requested, as well as tools, templates, scripts and step by step strategies to get you raising more money by focusing on the unique opportunities your organization has.

Once the plan has been launched, you'll receive 3 months of follow up coaching and support to ensure your organization is successful, and on the right track to raise even more for your mission.

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