10 Experiments with Generative AI: Furniture Bank

by Dan Kershaw

kershaw dan ai furniture bank

With the huge range of new generative AI tools available to charities like Furniture Bank, we wanted to explore and test their capabilities before training to identify if they can provide utility and support for our work in awareness and educating the greater public about the work we do.

In order to maximize our staffing hours, and leverage the technology available to us, we identified the top 10 generative AI tools that we can all access (most for free) and a few with week-long free trials to see how well they do explaining our big 4 questions.

As I wrote in article back in January 2023 “Looking Back, Moving Forward” we have a challenge that we seek to solve in the coming decade – converting furniture waste into use-able home furnishings, thus ending furniture poverty.

Take a look at an experiment we did here: https://www.furniturebank.org/10-experiments-with-generative-ai-furniture-bank-edition/

About Dan Kershaw

Dan Kershaw is the Executive Director of Furniture Bank, a Toronto-based charity that collects and redistributes home furnishings to thousands of families in need.

Under his leadership, Furniture Bank has re-purposed over 400,000 items of furniture heading for landfill, turning empty housing into furnished homes and diverting nearly 26,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Dan is  a strong believer in AI and it’s benefits in helping small charities achieve more.