Why We Built Connect for Good

by Sara Hoshooley

Sara Hoshooley, Founder

If we haven’t met yet – Hi! I’m Sara Hoshooley, Founder of Connect For Good, here’s my story and reason for building this community for YOU!

When I was an executive director at a small Canadian nonprofit, I was often looking for information and resources to support the work my team and I were doing. Whether looking for an event planner, IT support, professional development opportunities, new grants and funding opportunities, consultants to supplement our work, or up to date information on the nonprofit sector, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find information or resources very easily.

And often when I did, they weren’t specific to Canadian nonprofits, I had to listen to a long and boring sales pitch, or the information was no longer accurate.

In my 15+ years in the Canadian nonprofit sector, I’ve often found that there is a significant difference between the information, training and resources available for small nonprofits, compared to larger organizations that were better resourced.

Let’s change that.

In Canada today more than 90% of all nonprofits have budgets under $2M and are considered small and may not have access to the same resources – or the time to search for them.

Each week, Connectforgood.ca brings you fresh content – for free – to help your nonprofit thrive. As we build out more resources and content, we’d love to hear from you what you are enjoying most AND what else you’d like to see.

This community is being built for you, let us know what resources and information are most important to you by filling out a quick survey.